Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Necessity for the Digital Era

Even the chances of a shrewd business owner’s reputation getting tarnished are high if they enter the online world. The internet offers a plethora of opportunities for freedom of speech and no one can stop views, opinions, criticisms, etc. coming from the people.

Mistaking it for only social media monitoring or PR management, several organizations failed to acknowledge the importance of online reputation management and land themselves in a miserable condition. Whether your business is a bootstrapped startup or a lucrative large-scale company, people won’t stop talking about you. Whether it’s leaving a comment on your Facebook page or sharing a post about your brand on Reddit, it is bound to happen.

What can BSSITECH do for you?

We are a proactive Online Reputation Management Company with a clearly defined responsibility for managing your online outlook or “face” for a positive influence on customers and retaining their loyalty.

Our full range of services includes, but not limited to:
Social Media Monitoring. It’s a part of the plan. We collect public reviews or feedback on the blog posts, tweets, posts, etc. for finding out the positive and negative reactions present online. Our professionals devise a strategy and chalk out plans to remove negative reviews and unhelpful content against your brand.

Online reputation management
Reputation management in USA
  • Search Engine Strategy. The first Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of Google matter much more than a business card. We launch an aggressive campaign for effective ranking of positive content about your business/brand. Pursuing a practical white-hat marketing technique helps us restore your brand’s optimistic image.
  • Proactive Interactions. We hold your prospects, customers, clients, etc. in a high esteem and engage in a quick and polite interaction with them. Whether it’s a constructive criticism or negative reaction, we address customer complaints in a prompt and simple fashion.
  • Tracking Online Content. We keep a track of who’s talking what about you and analyze for addressing the immediate issue at hand. Our expertise in dealing with ORM challenges guide us in preventing worst-case situations and spread a sanguine profile of the business.
  • Dealing with Google’s AutoComplete Tool. It’s a fair chance that Google’s AutoComplete Tool adds up negative terms like “scams” or “negative reviews” with your brand name when a user performs a search. We step ahead with an AutoComplete editing for eliminating any such instances.

Don’t let any imposter or miscreant smudge your online reputation or hold you at ransom by posting harmful & improper against your brand/business.

Send an email to and join our ORM experts for a discussion!

Keep your solid online reputation intact!

Ask us for a Website Analysis Report that outlines your current online reputation status.


BSSITECH did one hell of a great job. Jagdish at BSSITECH PVT.LTD. is the person I will never forget in my life. I thank him to express my gratitude for the development that my business attained for his SEO services. Before handing over the project to him, my website was not prominently visible online. Nonetheless, when they started working on it, things changed radically. It was really like a miracle. I don’t have any idea how they did it. But I respect them for doing one hell of a great job and I will refer their service, professionalism, and proficiency to all my business partners. I don’t have words to thank them once again.

Bipasa panda
Managing Director of BIPASA WEBSOLUTIONS